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Vertical Vineyard

Vertical Vineyard Workshop Project of the Master in Advanced Architecture of IAAC developed

in collaboration with the Architectural Association

School of Architecture.

Through a collaborative project including both design and fabrication, a five-meter tall structure was developed. It hosts grapevines and a closed-loop hydroponic system,

and consists of modular components that can be added to expand the vertical system.

The site location of this project is the Valldaura Labs of the Institute of Advanced Architecture, Catalonia.

The aspect of growing and harvesting grapes in the vertical as well as more urban context drove this project and inspires further development of the concept of an urban vineyard.



Developed at IAAC
Master in Advanced Architecture

Faculty: Edouard Cabay, Relja Ferusic and Carles Sala

Assistants: Sujal Kodamadanchirayil, Ricardo Mayor, Lars Erik Elseth


Lakshay Ghai, Anmol Arora, Sara Kelliane Alves da Costa, Sophia Di Biase, Oana Taut, Tanvangi Asthana,  Olivia Camille Alvarez Littler, Nicolas Saade, Eszter Oláh, Nicola Colella, Ashwin Varma Dandu, Manojraj Manachanallur Raju Periyasamy, Apoorva Soni, Manan Jain, Mert Gönül, Logesh Mahalingam, Maria Fechner, Elif Karamustafa, Vien Hao Nguyen, Gayathry Mohan, Filippo Testa, Kristine Kuprijanova, Magesh Kumar, Vellur Mathi, Anaisa Franco Nascimento.

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