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Find your connection

Representing data by using Arduino and Processing

to create a connection between the data input and output,

producing a physical representation.



At a time when

people are constantly on the go, the

connections between them are developing and changing; becoming more virtual.

A crucial part of the project is

the connection between two people who are physically present in the room.

The interaction with the installation

produces the shortest path of light in

three symbolic colors.

Input: Pressure sensor as a switch

Output: Light from Neopixels projected

through acrylic columns

The project is assembled by creating an

LED Matrix with Neopixels strips,

eight strips of eight LEDs, wired in series.

Acrylic columns are glued on top of each

LED so that the light is projected vertically along the z-axis.

The paths of light are calculated so that

they take the shortest route through the


The 16 pressure sensors were made

by using a piece of velostat and two

strips of copper tape placed on either

side of the velostat.

Each pressure sensor represents

one of the 16 personalities.

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